Top Hot JAV Actress Most Searched

JAV actors are one of the licensed occupations in Japan, today there are nearly 8,000 female actors. TPM shares the image of the top Japanese JAV actress most searched for, you can download the full set of links in the post.



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It is not natural that Japanese JAV actresses are favored and become the most famous in this field (besides Japan, there are also Korea, Thailand, America …) The lives of hot movie actresses have always been a long story. There are girls who come to this profession because of difficult circumstances, society pushes. But, there are also many people who decide to close their eyes and legs because of the “huge” income and the rapid popularity.

Although this is a legal industry in Japan, but actresses entering this profession still face a lot of pressure and suffer discrimination. Not everyone can find happiness after quitting. There are many people who have suffered loneliness to old age, and have been abandoned by their parents and relatives.

Introducing top actress JAV

The land of Sakura, also the land of hot JAV actresses, is famous all over the world. Here are the famous actors who have made an impression on viewers, invite you to watch.

1.Yui Hatano

Diễn Viên JAV

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 47kg

3-ring measurements: 88-58-85

Birth day: 24 May 1988

2. Iori Kogawa

Iori Kogawa


Height: 163 cm



Weight: 48 kg

3-ring measurements: 86-58-86

Birth day: 1993

3. Noa Kasumi

Diễn Viên JAV

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 46 kg

3-ring measurements: 86-61-89

Birth year: 1990

4. AiKa Yumeno

Diễn Viên JAV

Height: 149 cm

3-ring measurements: 79-51-79

Birth day: 1994

5. Takizawa laura

akizawa laura

Height 1,72m

6. Suzu Mitake

Suzu Mitake

Height: 161 cm

3-ring measurements: 91-56-84

Birth year: 1994

7. Maria Ozawa

Birth year 1986

8. Ameri Ichinose 

diễn viên jav

Height: 1m 67

3-ring measurements: 85-51-85

9. Risa Tachibana

Risa Tachibana

Birth year: 1992

10. Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon

Birth year 1986

Download more pictures from the link below…

Link download full photo set JAV actress


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Due to the limited framework of the article, we do not show all the pictures of JAV actors, for full viewing, download it from the link above. Thank you for watching the article!

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